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"Nanotechnology is an area which has highly promising prospects for turning fundamental research into succesful innovations. Not only to boost the competitiveness of our industry, but also to create new products that will make positive changes in the lives of citiens, be it in medicine, environment, electronics or any other field."
  Quote: EC's "Nanosciences and nanotechnologies: an action plan for Europe 2005-2009"
Illustration by Chris Ewels
With the highly promising expectations of nanotechnology towards new innovative products, materials and power sources, it is evident that nanotechnology can bring many innovations into the defence world. The NL Defence Material Organisation has requested to compile a nanotechnology roadmap for military applications.
The Future Technology Center covered this roadmap study with a nanotechnology booklet. It provides an overview of current developments, expectations for time-to-market and several future concepts for military applications. Illustration by MIT/ISN

Download the Nanotechnology booklet:

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NanoBook.pdf (2 MB)

The Future Technology Center invites you to contribute to this Nanobook with e.g.:

- new products,
- concepts,
- technologies etc.

The nanotechnology booklet
was presented on the KIVI symposium:

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KIVI Symposium

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from the KIVI symposium

11 October 2005
HighTech Campus of Philips
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Click here to download the presentation: Nanotechnology for Security
Nanotechnology for security (5 MB)

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